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Thursday, June 16

  1. page XBOX edited {cboxbrainchallenge.jpg} Ready to start down the road to excellent mental fitness? Upgrade to the …
    {cboxbrainchallenge.jpg} Ready to start down the road to excellent mental fitness? Upgrade to the full version of Brain Challenge™ to unlock twenty different mini-games in five brain-building categories. Daily exercises challenge you to increase your mental capacity: they never repeat, and the better you do, the harder they get! Challenge your brain, monitor your progress, and watch your mental capacity grow! This game requires the Xbox 360 hard drive or the 512MB Memory Unit for storage.
    Project Natal
    will be available worldwide November 2010, launch with 14 games, and sell for less than £50, or about 80 US dollars, according to games biz site MCV. Expect 5 million units for global ship at release, with at least two purchase configurations: As a solo upgrade, or bundled with the Xbox 360 console itself.
    MCV says its sources for the information had access to a secret tour Microsoft's been conducting in the UK to demonstrate Natal's technology to certain publishers and studios. Apparently the tour was designed to drum up developer support for the device.
    If $80 sounds cheap, a publisher told MCV Microsoft's trying to get it even lower, aiming for "impulse" territory that could drop the tag to as little as £30, or about 50 US dollars.
    The device uses various cameras and microphones to track player movement and audio, allowing for what the company calls a "controller-free" experience.
    At the Tokyo Game Show last month, top-tier publishers and developers including Activision, Bethesda, Capcom, Disney, EA, Konami, MTV, Namco Bandai, Sega, Square Enix, THQ and Ubisoft committed to design games for the device.
    The SDK will be available mid 2011, which allows development of applications using the kinect.
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Thursday, June 17

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Monday, May 31

Thursday, May 20

  1. page Playstation edited ... The level of customization goes even further with the new option to build your own game by sel…
    The level of customization goes even further with the new option to build your own game by selecting your favorite round types and quizzes. And with more than 5,000 new questions and the addition of several new round types—including “Over the Edge,” which involves a pit of goo awaiting those who answer questions incorrectly—your BUZZ! games have just gotten that much more fun!
    BUZZ! Quiz World also reintroduces MyBUZZ user-generated quizzes meaning your question bank is still virtually limitless. And the online multiplayer “Sofa vs. Sofa” mode has been expanded to eight players.
    Little Big Planet @ McGuire College
    May 17, 2010 by slav
    Award winning teacher Adrian Camm has been using the Playstation 3 video game Little Big Planet with his classes at McGuire College as a learning tool. Adrian explains:
    The aim of this particular project is to engage year 7 and 9 students in game-based learning using the Playstation 3’s multiplayer functionality and the game Little Big Planet. Not only to students have to communicate and collaborate to solve problems within the game, but it then allows for students to be level designers and developers. The game includes an accurate physics engine that allows for exploration of a host of physical and mathematical concepts such as force, momentum, gravity, drift, scale and radius, to name a few. This initiative covers many other VELS domains and includes scope for cross-curricular opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
    {} LBP
    The project is only really just starting but we envision that students will initially participate in multiplayer game play and then will develop game levels that reinforce or perhaps even expose them to science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts. Students will learn about scientific concepts by exploration, will be engaged in self-directed, non-linear learning and contribute to a vibrant community of Little Big Planet developers and enthusiasts. Other classroom content would encompass game design principles, game play, debriefing to talk about application of game design principles to current levels etc.
    It is proposed that this method of teaching science concepts (having the student at the centre) will lead to improved learning outcomes as opposed to the traditional textbook approach. In addition to measuring changes in skill at level design and changes in knowledge of scientific concepts, the evaluation of the project will investigate attitudes and perceptions of using game-based learning in the classroom from a student, parent and teacher perspective.

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Monday, May 3

  1. page Free stuff edited Thanks Russ... ... Guitar Hero. Available as a portable version or full app.Same skills as G…
    Thanks Russ...
    Guitar Hero.
    Available as a portable version or full app.Same skills as GH except with a keyboard.(probably look and work best with a wireless keyboard) (look just an 80's synth band keyboard player)
    Main attractions are:
    A freeware Drum machine site:
    My theory is that those schools that don’t have the GH World Tour drum set could use this as a back beat provider when making freeform music tracks. Or maybe not!
    Free version of FPS Creator. Includes a few sample characters and objects. You can preview and play the game, but you can't export the final files as .EXE. However, copy the project file to a PC with the full version and you can compile it from there!
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  2. page Gamemaking software edited ... DarkBASIC Pro The more advanced option of DarkBASIC. If you have the extra cash this is just …
    DarkBASIC Pro
    The more advanced option of DarkBASIC. If you have the extra cash this is just as a good option as DarkBASIC, or even better in many ways.
    FPS Creator (go to the Game Development drop down menu)
    Made by the same people as DarkBASIC, but already has the 3D environment setup. Drag and drop objects onto the top-down view, then preview instantly. Heaps of model packs available. Includes a good physics engine, so you can develop 3D puzzles or experiments. A freeversion is available on the website. The standard FPS Creator is for Windows XP, whilst the newer X10 version is for Vista/Win7 to make use of DirectX 10.

    Wish to create your own video games that have high quality on your own with little time to waste creating a game engine, a 3D framework or network components, then GLBasic could be a good choice.
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Saturday, April 24

  1. page Gaming sites edited {foot_game.png} Game for Science Posted at {http://ilear…
    Game for Science
    Posted at
    {} Picture 1
    What it is: Game for Science has to be one of the coolest virtual worlds for kids. This virtual world is dedicated to getting kids excited about science and technology. Students can explore various virtual islands where they will learn about health, aeronautics, genomics, environment, engineering and more. Students can learn more about science careers, what scientists do, play games, learn interesting facts, and explore science photos and videos. Students can play the Game for Scienceas a tourist without registering, or they can register for an account (this requires an email address with confirmation). This is an outstanding way for kids to get excited about science and technology. As students travel through the virtual world, they can collect neurons (smart stars) by answering questions and playing games. The neurons can be used to purchase items for their avatar.
    {} screenshots_sej_genomia-1
    How to integrate Game for Science into the classroom: Game for Science is a great way to introduce new science topics or areas of science. The virtual world will capture interest and keep students wanting to learn more about each topic. If you teach younger students (without email addresses), visit the virtual world as a class on the interactive whiteboard or the projector. Give each student a turn to direct the journey through Game for Science. The rest of the class can jot down observations in a science notebook that can be used in later learning and experiments. Students who can read independently can visit the site individually on classroom computers as a science center or in a computer lab setting. Older students can register for an account and earn neuron points for their characters. This is a fun site for students just to explore and interact with; however, for use in the classroom, you can direct students to specific islands to study. For example, as you begin a unit on the environment, students can visit the corresponding island. Game for Sciencemakes for a great jumping off point that will grab students attention and interest in the subject they will be learning about.
    Tips: There is a chat feature on the registered version of Game for Science, this allows students to interact as they discover new islands and talk science.
    FootGaming is
    Bang! is small first person shooter that forces the player to review the fictive history of their victim. I constructed a collection of narratives from a photographic montage. The montages interrupt gameplay unnervingly. For more information and a sample feel free to follow either link:
     Hurricane Katrina: Tempest in Crescent City
    · From their website: "During the 2007-2008 school year, Global Kids Youth Leaders at Canarsie High School, Brooklyn selected the topic of Hurricane Katrina and worked with game developers Digital Creations to create Hurricane Katrina: Tempest in Crescent City. The web-based game recognizes local heroes that emerged during the disaster while educating its players about the essentials of disaster readiness."
    the Storm
    o From their website: "Open-ended strategy game allows students to engage with the challenges of World War II.6 game scenarios, each starting at a decisive moment in WWII history, focus student experiences on critical events. Single player and multi-player options bring flexibility and varied game experiences.
    Cosmic Quest
    Modern Electronics that teaches kids about managing a retail business and includes budgeting for advertising, pricing, financing inventory, etc. It can be downloaded from
    Gazillionaire by Lavaminds is pretty good. You can try it at It's an oldy, but a goody.
    Trade Ruler
    The Heckscher-Ohlin trade theory is about how two countries can get greater gains from trading with each other if they have different resources – one have more labor and the other have more capital (that is technical equipment and machinery)
    Control of the Cell Cycle
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Friday, February 26

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