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Used the Nintento Wii in the classroom? Please share by contributing to the table below
Game used in the classroom
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Wii Sports
Year 5/6 Numeracy
  • 2 children played a match
  • 2 others commentated they game and recorded it using th netbooks and webcams to later create a newsreport including the stats of the match
  • the rest of the class recorded and tallyed the stats and then created various graphs of the results

Numeracy Year 5/6
Sports- Tennis Games

Wii Sports
Grade 5 / 6 maths
  • Charting a tennis match. 4 players play a best of 5 match, others chart each players statistics and work out percentages
  • Forehand / Backhand winners
  • Forehand/backhand errors
  • Aces
  • Unforced error

Grade 4 - Mill Park Heights Primary School
Students played various games in the sports collection then were given the task to produce a procedural text relating to gameplay on the wii. Below is what was produced..
Party_005.jpg IMG_5884.JPG
Hard to read - but the last line reads something to the effect that this was my 'best day at school'

Writing - Procedure Text and Recount
Guitar Hero
Grade 3-6 Performing Arts - Mill Park Heights Primary School
Students have been using the Guitar Hero game as an introduction to performing arts and music. Lessons have been structured with 3 groups - 1. Guitar Hero game (3 playing and 3 as the audience), Real Guitars (a group of students using bass, electric and acoustic guitars) and drums.

Grade 1 - Mill Park Heights Primary School
Guitar Hero in Discovery Learning with Grade 1's

Grade 6 - Mill Park Heights Primary School
Grade 6 students were given the opportunity in pairs to play Guitar Hero. From this experience their task was to create promotional posters for their rock duo. These posters needed to contain key information and be persuasive in the presentation and the language used. Below are examples of their experience and the work produced.
IMG_6142.JPG IMG_6135.jpg
Using the game as an engagement tool to music and popular styles of music.
Performing Arts - Music

Discovery Learning - Context for further investigation
Big Brain Academy for Wii
Years 1 - 4
As part of reading and maths rotations students have played Big Brain Academy in small groups. Teachers have selected appropriate tasks to develop the students' literacy and numeracy skills, e.g balloon burst, as well as improve their memory and concentration,
Students have used this software in small groups during reading and maths rotations.
Cooking Mama 2
World Kitchen

This program was used to complement our Humanities unit, "Cultures In Our Classroom". In small groups, students explored the program learning about different food from around the world.

Curriculum Ideas
1. Choose four countries that represent the nationalities within the classroom. Research these countries and create a fact file. Research traditional foods of these countries. Students present their fact file to class and produce an information brochure using an ICT tool.
2. Writing a biography for an imaginary chef.
3. Procedural texts – recipes. Read and write recipes.
4. Create a ‘Food of the World’ recipe book – sell to the local community. Children write letters to parents appealing for recipes, they word process the recipes, advertise the book and coordinate the sales including handling the money and keeping accounts.
5. Cook food from different countries.
6. Have a cultural day – sharing food from different cultures.
7. Invite parents/grandparents in to talk about their culture – food, festivals, etc.
8. Students create a cookery show – preparing a food from another culture. The process involves writing a script, identifying props, accurately weighing and measuring ingredients and adopting the role of chef and presenter in front of the camera. The films are edited using Microsoft Moviemaker! Everyone is given a copy to take home as a memento and to share with their families.
9. Search on the internet for information about their favourite foods and recipes.
10. Create booklets about the equipment used in the kitchen.
11. Write instructions for making a chef’s hat and apron.
12. Create menus for use in the PPPS Café.

Year 3
Family Game Night
Connect Four - strategy and problem solving. Used as part of Maths program.

Boggle - Used as part of reading to develop vocabulalry.
Maths and English - Year 3 and 4
Mario Kart
This program was used as a lead in to a year 6 science unit on Billy Karts.

Curriculum Ideas
Year 6
Wii Fit

Wii Fit was used as a station in gymnastic rotations with grade 1 students. Utilising balance skills, students were engaged using the hula hoops and soccer challenges.
IMG_0029.jpg IMG_0031.jpg