3D Game Makers

Make a game with DarkBASIC, it has become one of the more popular choices of game design programs for both beginners and the more advanced hobby game programmers out there.

The more advanced option of DarkBASIC. If you have the extra cash this is just as a good option as DarkBASIC, or even better in many ways.

FPS Creator (go to the Game Development drop down menu)
Made by the same people as DarkBASIC, but already has the 3D environment setup. Drag and drop objects onto the top-down view, then preview instantly. Heaps of model packs available. Includes a good physics engine, so you can develop 3D puzzles or experiments. A freeversion is available on the website. The standard FPS Creator is for Windows XP, whilst the newer X10 version is for Vista/Win7 to make use of DirectX 10.

Wish to create your own video games that have high quality on your own with little time to waste creating a game engine, a 3D framework or network components, then GLBasic could be a good choice.

Lawmaker Game Engine
The Lawmaker Game Engine is a powerful and robust 3D game engine tailored for novice and advanced game designers. The 3D game engine and tools provide a complete development solution for current and next generation games.

The 3D Gamemaker
With the 3D Game maker you can make your own game in seconds. You don’t have to know any programming to make games with The 3D Gamemaker.

Game Maker
Game Maker is a gamer design program that allows you to make your own computer games without having to learn any programming.

3D Game Engine Torque Game Engine SDK
The Torque Game Engine (TGE) is for the more advanced game designers. The 3d game engine features multi-player network code, state of the art skeletal animation, seamless indoor/outdoor rendering engines, drag-and-drop GUI creation, a C-like scripting language and a built in world editor.

Gamespace 3D
3D game programming with gameSpace can deliver stunning results. No longer are eye photorealistic 3D graphics limited to the domain of large game and film studios.

3D GameStudio
3D GameStudio is a very popular game design software amongst independent game developers. Many successful games have been published using game engines that were created using 3D GameStudio.

3D Adventure Studio
3D Adventure Studio is an Adventure game maker for making adventure games in style of Gabriel Knight 3.

2D Game Makers

Game Editor
Game Editor is a game design software that lets you design games with little or no programming or technical knowledge.

BYOND is a powerful and flexible game creator, with an easy-to-learn language and tools for developers, plus articles and tutorials. Multiplayer games is easily built with the built-in online support.

RPG Game Makers

RPG Toolkit
RPG Toolkit is a very powerful editor and game engine that lets you create your own RPG game.

Explorations RPG Game Engine
Explorations RPG Game Engine is a powerful role playing game engine that lets your make your own RPG game.

RPG Maker 95
RPG Maker 95 is a program created by ASCII in 1997, allowing the creation of RPG. You can do drawings, music, dialogues, maps and more.

RPG Maker 2000
RPG Maker 2000 is designed to create console-type RPG games. The results will look very much look like and old SNES game.

RPG Maker 2003
Based on the very popular RPG maker 2000, RPG maker 2003 lets you make your own RPG games.

RPG Maker XP
With the new RPG Maker XP, you can make even better RPGs than with RPG maker 2000 and 2003!

RPGds is a RPG game creator and has a single primary purpose: to allow you to create your own RPGs.

Sphere : 2D RPG Engine
Sphere is a 2D RPG engine, in development since 1997. It allows you even if you don’t have much programming experience make a RPG game like Final Fantasy VI or Phantasy Star.

Hephaestus is a construction kit for making computer role playing games (often called an "RPG maker"). The scripting is done in the Java programming language and it also features a map editor.

IRE Role Playing Game Engine
IRE is an attempt to create a cross-platform computer role-playing-game engine similar to Ultima 6.

Fighting Game Makers

Fighter Maker 95
Fighter Maker 95 as one could guess from the title lets you make your own fighting game.

MUGEN is a very popular 2d game maker for making your own fighting game. You can make your own character and supply them to the game or you can download some of the thousands of characters other people have made from one the many MUGEN fan sites.

Adventure Game Makers

Adventure Game Studio
With the Adventure Game Studio you can create your own 2d point-and-click adventure games, much like the old Sierra and Lucasarts games.

Inform - Interactive Fiction Game Engine
Inform is a text adventure game maker and consists of a compiler and a library of standard rules written in the Inform language: you will need both of these to get anything done.

TADS is a set of programming tools specially designed for writing adventure games.

ADRIFT Generator
ADRIFT Generator is a program that allows you to create your own Text Adventures. It is written for Windows 95/98/NT/2K/ME/XP.

Aiee! allows you to create and play interactive text adventures, or "interactive fiction".

GameScroll is a program for playing and writing interactive fiction games like.

Game Assets

Royalty Free Music, Sound Effects and Stock Footage
Preview and download high-quality original music, sounds and stock footage for use in your projects at Productiontrax.

Other Tools and Software

Video Game Design Pro
Video Game Design Pro is an industry-specific software solution which features tools and functionality exclusively for the use of the creation, management, and implementation of video game design documentation.