Thanks Russ...
**Frets On Fire** , Frets is an open source keyboard based version of Guitar Hero.
Available as a portable version or full app.Same skills as GH except with a keyboard.(probably look and work best with a wireless keyboard) (look just an 80's synth band keyboard player)

Main attractions are:
*Something for others in a class/group to do that's still theme related.
*You can import GH songs and edit others
*Did I mention it's free?
It's not perfect but worth checking out. **Frets On Fire** Wiki

A freeware Drum machine site:
My theory is that those schools that don’t have the GH World Tour drum set could use this as a back beat provider when making freeform music tracks. Or maybe not!

Free version of FPS Creator. Includes a few sample characters and objects. You can preview and play the game, but you can't export the final files as .EXE. However, copy the project file to a PC with the full version and you can compile it from there!